3 US Cities to Launch A Startup With A Limited Budget

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When we think of startups, we tend to imagine a great idea that has been born in a garage, dreamt up by a few visionaries. Although many corporations started this way, the truth is, a typical startup requires a lot more than a small space and a fantastic vision.

Nowadays, when you want to launch your startup, you have to think of the necessities that are needed to it off the ground and make it successful:

Finding suitable office space.

Having the right budget.

Hiring dedicated and skilled employees.

Having a great strategy in the plan.

Paying all the fees that come with everything. 

One of the most critical aspects of creating a startup is the location. If you have a limited budget, you should forget about Silicon Valley. But don't worry as there are many options and opportunities out there other than the Bay Area. We've put together a list for you with all the cities to move to and start your company and reap the successes of your ambitions and creativity. 

1. Denver, CO

Yes, Denver's legal cannabis business has skyrocketed over the past years; but don't think the Mile High City is only for those interested in making money off marijuana. Several reports highlighted that Denver gives home to the second-largest pool of highly-skilled workforce in the US, only behind Austin, TX. 

Apart from a fantastic workforce, you can count on a low median office rent for your startup, meaning you can save a lot of money on this. Plus, the corporate income taxes and various fees are also low in Denver. If you're in the tech business, you'll hit the jackpot with Colorado's capital, as it's become one of the biggest tech hubs in the US. 

2. Tampa, FL

Tampa is not just about sunshine, great weather, and retired people planning on golfing all day. The city has become an energetic hub for startups with many great possibilities. It came as a surprise or outright shock that Tampa was invited to be a Google Fiber city a couple of years ago for many people. Of course, this signaled that a lot is going on in this area of Florida, especially for startups. 

What's really attractive about Tampa is its many exceptional startup accelerator programs, such as the Tampa Bay Wave. The business development company now has a 7-year-old accelerator created for startups, aiming to help tech companies in many ways. Plus, we can't forget about the coworking group named Ring, which has partnered up with Harvard. 

3. Louisville, KY

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Kentucky? Nowadays, you can't think only about baseball, whiskey, the Kentucky Derby, and a university with one of the strongest fan bases in the nation. Kentucky has grown to become one of the startup centers of the US, led by Louisville.

Thanks to local government initiatives and dozens of dedicated entrepreneurs and business people, the city saw an exponential rise in startups and business life in general. Interestingly, Louisville has the largest base for companies specializing in aging-related services, such as hospice care, nursing homes, and rehab. 

4. Conclusion

So, where do you want to move to launch your startup? If you still haven't figured out, don't worry; you still have time. Before you make up your mind about the destination, you should find a moving company that will make the relocation seem like child's play. Professional commercial movers NYC have the necessary experience, tools, and workforce to get you where you want to be.