Top 5 Best Research Topics in Petroleum Engineering

A lot for research is going on in the petroleum-engineering field due to massive investments in research. Petroleum engineering materials and topics for students are available. In various authoritative websites; however, finding the best topics in the field is not as easy as it sounds. Students with engineering homework assignments should do adequate research to interesting, informative, and helpful find topics.

Research ideas, proposals, materials, titles, seminars, and papers on the petroleum-engineering field are available for students, as long as they know how to find them through search engines. As a student or blogger, you can find tons of interesting and informative topics to write about in this field. The top 5 best topics in petroleum engineering are:

1.      Research on Sugarcane fiber

According to one research paper, the mix of drilling chemicals used as drilling fluid re-circulates within the drilling well to keep the lubricating agents in good condition. Therefore, it is important to keep the drilling apparatus in good working order by maintaining their pressure and temperature. In addition, the drilling fluid helps prevent damage to the drilling tools.
Due to differences in the pressure level, the drilling fluid might run out due to cracks within the machinery. Sugarcane fluid can actually prevent drainage of the drilling fluid. This is a great topic to research and write about if you are doing a paper on petroleum engineering.

2.      Gravel Packing Methods

Many oil reservoirs have relatively young and poorly coordinated sediments. Essentially, in the process of extracting oil, sand comes along with the fluids. Some petroleum companies end up reducing their output to deal with this problem, which can lead to many production issues, such as erosion of down-hole valves, tubes, and surface flow lines.

Due to the lack of formation support, sand production can also lead to collapsed casings. Therefore, it is important to avoid or minimize sand production without minimizing or reducing oil production rates. Companies employ different methods to control this problem, but the most effective solution is the use of gravel packing. This is a great topic to research and write about; therefore, students and professional writers should do more research on the topic.

3.      Reservoir Simulation

The flow of fluid in a petroleum reservoir is quite complicated, which is why it is so hard to come up with analytical and effective solutions for practical problems. This topic covers things like fluid flow behavior and numerical explanations to problems using a simulator. Petroleum engineers use reservoir simulation to predict the future performance or output of petroleum well systems to allow for intelligent and effective decisions.

4.      Flowing Bottom-Hole Pressure

This is one of the most important topics in petroleum engineering. Petroleum production modeling and optimization are critical when it comes to efficient management of a petroleum production well. Accurate estimates of the bottom-hole pressure are important in the oil exploration process because they are helpful in doing an accurate and realistic analysis of petroleum engineering.

This analysis often includes studies on inflow performance and vertical lift performance. When it comes to determining the bottom-hole pressure, petroleum companies can either measure or make an estimate. They do measurements using a pressure gauge, which is time-consuming and expensive. Any topic on flowing bottom-hole pressure estimation should be interesting as well as interesting.

5.       Microcontroller Based LPG Leakage Detention

This petroleum-engineering topic is all about designing and building a microcontroller based LPG leakage detecting tool using a GSM module. The module can detect gas leakage and send instant alerts to a specified number informing the petroleum engineer about the leakage.

There are many interesting topics to research, understand write/or about in the field of petroleum engineering. If you are a student or professional writer seeking information about the top 5 best research topics in petroleum engineering, this article should give you ideas of the best and most interesting topics in the field.