5 Reasons Installing Solar CCTV Cameras Is A Good Idea

Solar CCTV with the US flag on its background

The world today is riddled with security threats, whether you like it or not. Even in the premises of your own home or building, safety isn't always guaranteed. Hence, people are often required to invest in security systems that could improve their defenses against theft, robbery, and other forms of vile acts. 

One of the common technologies used in modern security is the closed-circuit television or CCTV. These days, CCTVs are becoming more intricate. They capture video surveillance in crisp details and real-time fashion.

With CCTVs, you'll be able to monitor your surroundings and see if there are unwanted guests or threats nearby. Furthermore, CCTVs may help deter criminals from trespassing your properties. 

However, we all know that there are places where electric grids are not yet present, such as farms and rural areas. Moreover, the cost of running conventional CCTVs may hurt your pocket. This is where solar-powered CCTVs come in. 

What Is A Solar-Powered CCTV?

A solar-powered CCTV performs the same functions as your conventional, electricity-based CCTVs. They have cameras on them that capture the activities within a given area and send it to a monitor where you can view them. 

At the same time, most of these solar-powered CCTVs have a passive infrared sensor (PIR) motion sensor. It allows the CCTV camera to activate once it detects movements within proximity. With this function, you have the option to set the CCTV in idle mode to save power. The CCTV will check if the motion sensors are being triggered. 

Interestingly, these solar-powered CCTVs have an integrated function. This means that the solar panel, CCTV, and sensors are combined in a single body. Of course, this translates to hassle-free, tool-less installations. This also reduces the bulkiness of these systems, effectively streamlining their setup. 

The key difference between a solar-operated CCTV and an electric-based CCTV is the "fuel" that drives them. When it comes to sustainability, you'll guarantee that solar CCTVs can endure longer operation, even in the absence of electricity. Needless to say, they remain functional even during power outages. 

Investing in one is a good idea, even if you have access to electricity. Here are some of the reasons why these solar-powered security systems are great additions to your home, office, or building. 

Benefits Of Installing A Solar-Powered CCTV


Compared to conventional CCTVs, these solar-operated security cameras are undeniably more energy-efficient. The mere fact that they don't rely on power lines means that they won't cause an increase in your power bills. 

In fact, it is the very advantage of these CCTVs over their counterparts. The ability to operate without having to depend on electricity is definitely impeccable, especially during these days where power rates are constantly increasing.

Keep in mind that these CCTVs are meant to run 24/7 to ensure that you can monitor everything on your premises. Many of these conventional CCTVs are energy-efficient, but over time, you'll realize that they can increase your home's power consumption. 

These solar CCTVs present as an excellent alternative for these CCTVs. They can provide seamless video surveillance without worrying about the cost of their operation. 

Of course, you should get a solar light with CCTV camera  from reputable manufacturers alone. In this way, you can guarantee that they aren't susceptible to failure or complications. You should never settle on shabby or counterfeit models. 

Extended Coverage

Another aspect of these solar-powered CCTVs is their ability to fit various applications. They don't rely on electricity in their operation, so you can easily install them in areas without electricity. 

They are a favorable choice for farms and yards in rural areas where power connection remains to be a concern. Security cameras are essential on these properties because the threat of livestock theft, robbery, and even agricultural damages is growing in prevalence. 

But don't ever think that these solar CCTVs are only useful in rural areas. They are also useful in urban and suburban communities. Homes that have detached sheds or garages on them would require the service of these CCTVs. After all, many homeowners find it expensive to install a separate electrical line on these structures. 

With solar CCTVs, you no longer have to deal with this problem. Again, these devices rely on the energy they get from the sun as their primary power source. They store it on their lithium-ion batteries so that they can still run even if there's an overcast. 

Speaking of, one of the producers of reliable manufacturers of batteries for solar-based devices is HLC Battery. This company specializes in the creation of LiFePo4, 18650 li-on, and lithium polymer batteries. These power cells are needed for solar devices like solar CCTVs. 

Extra Safety

Any solar device won't place your home or building from any form of electrical hazards. It is a benefit that you should never overlook, given that thousands of fires are happening every year because of electrical or circuitry problems. 

As we have mentioned, CCTVs are meant to be used 24/7 for optimal security. While there's nothing wrong with this, such a setup still has the possibility to cause fires and electrocution, especially if the CCTVs aren't installed properly. 

Such hazards are virtually absent when it comes to these solar-powered devices. There are no cables or electricity that are involved in their operation, after all. Hence, you are free to operate them continuously without the fear that your home is at risk of being razed.

Hassle-Free Installation

When it comes to installation, solar CCTVs are inarguably simpler than conventional CCTVs. The reason for this is simple: there is no complex wiring involved in these solar-powered CCTVs. 

The majority of solar CCTVs either come in pole mounts or wall mounts. They arrive in stand-alone structures that let you place them whenever you want without having to deal with tangling wires. Moreover, you can install these solar CCTVs without any technical skills. You simply have to follow their manual, and you are good to go. 

Also, you don't have to worry about their assembly. A typical solar CCTV has all of its components integrated on a single platform or body. You don't have to attach its parts one by one. 


One of the interesting aspects of these solar CCTVs is their portability. Because they have a convenient installation, taking them out is not a cumbersome task, either. This mechanism enables you to change the position of these CCTVs wherever you need them to be. 

Simultaneously, you can also bring these devices on your travels. You can place them in your yacht or RV. 

In Summary

Surely enough, solar-powered CCTVs present as exceptional alternatives for conventional CCTVs. They provide the same performance and efficiency without causing any increases in your power bills. At the same time, they are easy to install and use, making them an ideal component for your home's security system.