Super tips to Kickstart your oil and gas career

The Oil and gas industry comprises millions of workers from all walks of life. They are based on different levels of seniority; thus, building a career in this niche means you are immersing yourself in a competitive arena. Nonetheless, despite getting your hands dirty most of the time, the financial and emotional rewards you will get at the end of the day are worth every hustle.

What you need to remember is that the oil and gas industry has its demands, which could be intimidating for the average job seeker. But with hard work, resilience, and the right advice, no obstacle can prevent you from building a successful career in this industry.

In the following section, we shall look at some practical tips that can help you kick start your oil and gas career. Keep reading!

1.       Don't let your education background hold you back.

You want a career in the oil and gas industry, but you did a course that is not related, and you need to go back to school.

Well, if this is what you are thinking, you need to think again.

Whether you are in marketing, public relations, communications, IT, or any other field, there is a job for you in this diverse industry.

As long as you have the necessary skills and the willingness to learn, you can try your hand in this rewarding industry.

As a rule of thumb, however, don't apply for a job you are not skilled in. For instance, it makes little sense to apply for an engineering job while you have never been in an engineering class.

2.       Find your interests

Contrary to the popular belief, gas and oil jobs don’t revolve around drilling platforms and offshore rigs.

The lifecycle of oil drilling ranges from the conceptual design phase to the decommissioning stage and ultimately to refining. In between these processes, there are lots of skillsets required.

That said, don’t be tempted to believe that only engineers are needed. The expertise you have could go a long way in helping companies take their business to a whole new level. Simply find your interest and capitalize on it!

3.       Don’t just look at the pros, weigh the cons!

Working in the oil and gas industry is highly lucrative. When you land a job here, you will be entitled to plenty of global travel opportunities as well as golden chances to take up complex challenges.

Nevertheless, don’t see a career in this industry as an opportunity to stimulate your mind and travel the world. Look at the industry's challenges, such as long working hours, distorted social life, tight deadlines, project demands, and constant exposure to deadly hazards.

By weighing challenges, you will be well prepared to face them from the word go. This is a crucial step in creating a concrete foundation for your career.

4.       Get a mentor

Mentoring is important in every career, and one in the oil and the gas industry is not an exception.
If you know someone working in this field, talk to him/her about what to expect, how to solve
complex problems, and any other thing you deem essential to your career development.

In case you don’t know anyone, you can engage experts on social media platforms or ask questions in question and answer platforms such as Quora. Experts will always come along to provide you with the most satisfactory answers.

Mentorship is an integral step that you shouldn’t overlook when building a career in the gas and oil industry.

5.       Craft a winning CV

Create a CV that addresses the pain points of the job you are looking for. The biggest mistake you can make is to use one CV to apply for all jobs. This can cost you tens of rewarding opportunities in this industry.

To make your CV outstanding;

·         Focus on the key points of the job you are applying for
·         Ensure you include relevant skills and experiences
·         Make sure your contact details are visible

Once you complete writing your CV, start networking with professionals in the oil and gas industry. Also, pay attention to your LinkedIn profile, make beneficial connections, follow industry leaders, and constantly read relevant industry news to horn your market knowledge.

A good CV alongside a perfect networking strategy will sell your skills to the world. You can then focus on other things such as taking online courses, finding new hobbies, and researching interesting things such as the latest Kentucky Derby news, while you wait for a call from your networks.

When you do this and follow the other tips outlined above, you will undoubtedly build an admirable career in the oil and gas field and work your way up the ladder with ease.