How To Choose A Reliable Solar Street Light Manufacturer

Solar street lighting manufacturing has made enormous progress from 1893 to today. With the new demands for solar-powered street lights, several manufacturing plants are beginning to produce solar street lamps. Not every solar light business, however, focuses on cultivating long-term customer relationships.

Several solar companies have emerged as specialists in solar lighting, but how do you know whether they are reliable or not?

These six points will give you an idea of how to carefully select a street light manufacturer: 

Quality Of Materials

 hen choosing a supplier, you must ensure that the production process utilizes high-quality raw materials. Top-notch quality is always a strong manufacturer's visible trade and will guarantee for a product to last longer.

The manufacturing process should also follow strict control of quality. Each production stage should have a team responsible for quality.  Products must be checked for deterioration for 24 hours. All the street lights with solar power must be charged outdoors for at least 2 days as well.

To ensure the quality of raw materials, a thorough manufacturer evaluation system should be in place. Manufacturer of solar street lights should have certificates such as SAA, SASO, CE, RoHS, IP65, and so on. For reference, you can also ask for information about their previous projects involving solar-powered street lights. Ask their previous clients to provide some testimonials if possible. It’s also a wise idea to get one sample for testing before placing a bulk order. 

Battery Backup  

Many manufacturers of solar street lights provide a two or three-day battery backup which is a bad feature. Earth not only has one or two days of bad weather, but there can sometimes be several days when the sun won't show itself. This also triggers over-discharge of the batteries, raising their failure rates and increasing repair and maintenance costs.

A system that offers energy storage for at least five nights and extra storage for colder climates can reduce operational and maintenance costs. The discharge depth of a battery directly influences the battery life. Using just two or three days of storage implies that every year or two, you will have to change the battery. 

Delivery time

Solar street lights projects usually have an installation date. It is essential to ensure the timely arrival of solar street lamps. Many factories may not produce the products as planned due to low manufacturing capacity, shortage of supplies, ineffective order management, etc.

It is recommended that you focus more during your interactions with the production capacity, factory size, staff, production line, and facilities. 


When choosing a solar street lights manufacturer, the warranty is an important consideration. If the lights can't work properly, you will know right away.

A one-year device warranty does not guarantee that the light will last that long. The system could be cheaper. But, if you have to pay for maintenance regularly, it could eventually cost you much more over time. Alternatively, make sure you buy a system that can last for 10 years or more. This will significantly decrease the overall project costs for many years ahead.

Unfortunately, the warranty terms are sometimes not honored by some small factories and some manufacturers that only want to make a one-time deal.  Working with top LED street light manufacturers, who seek to develop a long-term business relationship, is therefore vital.

To find a reliable manufacturer of solar street lights, you always have to ask what assurances are provided. The longer warranty usually means better quality trust. 

Communication and customer services 

How does the customer service team respond to an issue? Standing behind their product and answering your questions? Or do they leave you in the dark and, once the transaction is complete, and stop replying? Ask the manufacturers and research some references.

If the salesperson has your expectations and needs in mind, it will be beneficial. 

R&D and engineer team 

If the factory has a good R&D department and technical staff, you can expect better quality products. They will release new models based on the recent market trends. If you have some design projects or need guidance, you should opt for the factory that has an outstanding team of engineers and researchers.

Effective manufacturers are always evolving to better serve customers. They pay more attention to feedback and recommendations from consumers. 

Final Thoughts 

Anyone can provide service, but in the product provided, there is a difference between quality and trust.

It will be a smart decision to choose a supplier who will not only produce a lamp for your needed light output, but also someone who will meet your standards.

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