Devices That Will Be Helpful During an Earthquake

cb radio
When an earthquake strikes, the first aspect of daily life to suffer is communication. Phone lines and cell phone towers can become damaged, and internet cables can be ripped and torn. If cell phone communication fails, you will have no way of communicating with your family or calling emergency services in the case of a severe injury.

To be prepared for an emergency, you and your family must have flashlights and batteries. If the electricity does not work, there will be no light for you to navigate through a darkened building, and you will have to rely on moonlight at night if there is a moon. Flashlights can prevent you from stepping into dangerous areas and injuring yourself.

Another device to store away is a camping grill. If there is no electricity, then there is no way for anyone to use their stove, even if it is a traditional gas stove. Gas will not be able to be pumped up through the gas lines and into your stove. If you have a small camping grill, matches, and a pile of charcoal or wood, you can feed yourself and your family. Cook the perishable food in the refrigerator before it begins to rot. Cast iron and copper pans are durable pans that you can use on a grill.

But above all, having a secondary form of communication can keep you informed on dangers as well as being able to talk to your nearby neighbors, friends, or family. If a person wishes to communicate without electricity, they must rely on small but powerful radios.

Why people need a handheld CB Radios during an Earthquake
A CB radio or Citizen band radio is a radio that is utilized by many types of public workers in an emergency, especially when phone lines are down, and internet cables are damaged. Firefighters, police officers, and emergency responders all use CB radios, and you will be able to hear them on different radio channels. By using CB radios, a citizen can keep track of what is happening around their city. They can listen and discover if a particular area is dangerous to go through, if there is a gas leak somewhere, or if a building has been severely damaged.

The average CB radio can operate on 12watts or less, making them a perfect device to be recharged on a solar battery. If you don't have a solar battery, then purchase a CB radio that can be powered by batteries. Best choices from good brands can be found here:

Keep the radio and a large stash of batteries together in a dry area until you need them. But we do recommend purchasing a solar battery, as it can also power smaller devices and your cellphone or a flashlight.

No matter what devices you purchase, always be sure to have an emergency kit in case an earthquake strikes. A small kit should have at least a CB radio, batteries, shoes and socks, a flashlight and batteries, matches, and enough water for two weeks. Remember that every item you have pre-stocked is one less worry you won't have to deal with during an emergency period.