Map of LA & Ventura Fires Near Oil & Gas Fields

It was reported that one fire fighter was injured in a gas explosion in the Santa Clarita (Rye Fire).

The media is not reporting that any of oil and gas wells have exploded or burned.  It won't surprise me if this gets reported on by the media after the fact and we have all been breathing toxic air.  

Ventura Oil & Gas Fields Are On Fire?

Why is the media not covering the oil and gas fields on fire in Ventura from the Thomas Fire?  This might be contributing to the toxic air we are smelling all throughout Southern California.  According to ESRI's map below this entire oil field is on fire.  Click on the map for an update.

ESRI Active Fire Map

Housing Affordability Index Map vs Oil & Gas Drilling Refining

Housing Affordability Index Map vs Oil & Gas Drilling Refining
A Map Comparing Housing Affordability vs Oil & Gas Drilling Locations.

My conclusion from studying this data for the last 5 years is that most people do not want to live near oil and gas drilling, refining and power plant operations.  It is clear that the most affordable places to live are in remote areas and or near large industrial energy operation areas that might have unhealthy air quality.  

US Federal Land Map vs Oil & Gas Drilling Locations

A Map Comparing US Federal Land vs Oil & Gas Drilling Locations.

This map uses the USA Federal Lands map service which presents the federal and tribal land areas of the United States.

Westminster High School Oil & Tar Smell on Fields

We located a business All American Asphalt across the 405 freeway that is the likely culprit of the smell.  I am shocked that no one else had written about this issue.

Hurricane Harvey Gulf Oil Rigs Map

Map of Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs in the Path of Hurricane Harvey

Rise of the Resistance Camps

Guest Blog Post by Erica Jacquinot 

I think its pretty safe to say we’ve all heard about Standing Rock. If you haven’t, you should so Google it. For those that went to Standing Rock, they describe the experience as life changing, spiritual and heart breaking all at the same time. Something I can personally attest to because that’s what I felt when I went. The feelings that Standing Rock invoked travelled across the country like a wave and sparked a new fire of resistance against the fossil fuel industry and protection of indigenous rights. Thousands upon thousands held rallies, protests, benefits and marches all around the world. The outpouring of support was incredible, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Something I don’t even think Standing Rock knew was that it was becoming the blue print of how people were going to get serious about fighting the fossil fuel industry.

In February 2017 the camps at Standing Rock were evicted by the U.S. government. It was devastating to those that supported the cause. Some even think that Standing Rock is forever over and ended as a lost cause, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. As it stands right now there are 15 camps that have popped up in Standing Rocks image. To define for those of you who do not know what "these camps" are, they are a group of people living on a piece of property close to places where the fossil fuel industry is destroying the Earth. They fight through peaceful actions and prayer, they spread awareness about the problems of the fossil fuel industry. They are a community standing together against giants to protect air, land and water. Five of the camps are in the UK fighting fracking, these camps are not on a property that anyone can come and stay on but they conduct themselves as a tight group, call themselves a camp and fight everyday against the fossil fuel industry. Two camps are in Canada. These camps are indigenous led camps fighting pipelines and fuel pump stations destroying their native waters and lands. The rest are in the U.S. taking the spirit of Standing Rock and using it to resist the destruction of the Earth by corporations. Most camps are native led and all camps have taken a stand against the fossil fuel industry. There’s even a camp about to start in a small village in Kenya, Africa. This is how far this resistance as reached.

There’s no sugarcoating this issue and I’d be lying if I didn’t say there were many who oppose these camps. But I think most would agree that if we had the option to use green fuel sources and they were the same price as dirty fuel sources we would probably use them. Maybe I give people the benefit of the doubt and I can’t speak for all but if you had the choice to use solar or wind power over paying your electric company, I think you probably would. The problem is that these resources just aren’t available to us on a reasonable scale that consumers can actually utilize. And let’s get real, we’re talking about having civilizations on Mars, we can nuke an entire country from existence, we have technology that would blow the minds of most, YET we’re using an ancient practice of energy. Last I checked this isn’t the industrial revolution anymore. The answer is real simple, the oil and gas industry keeps the wealthy rich and the rest of us oppressed. And do not think for one second that this isn’t a form of oppression. To keep freedoms from people, basic human rights like a clean environment, giving us no choice but to be at the whim of their choices and pay our money for it. That’s oppression at it’s finest.

These camps stand for something. They stand for you, whether you believe in it or not. They stand for this Earth and the need for change. And change IS needed. Even if you’re one of those people that doesn’t believe in climate change, do you believe in pollution? Do you believe in clean water or air? Do you think animals shouldn’t suffer from drought and destruction? These are real questions you have to ask yourself and stop trying to jump on a side you’ve heard in a political campaign or on the news. You don’t have to believe 100% in the views of scientists or environmentalists to want water or food that isn't poisoned. But you do have to believe in something, and these camps are ground zero for that. They believe in the sense of community Standing Rock gave to us. A community that spans across the globe and says “Hey we exist, and we want to be free.” Free from toxic chemicals, polluted air, poisoned animals and waters. We want to be free of the oppression of corporate greed. If this is you’re belief please support these camps, go and stay at them, start one yourself. Here’s a link for more info on the camps. It’s my hope that these camps keep coming and continue to teach us what side we should be on.

How Much Water Does Texas Use for Oil & Gas Drilling?

Click on the map above and click on the blue pins.  Each blue in is an oil or gas spill. 
Does the average person in Texas aware of the volume of water used by oil and gas drilling?
Each oil & gas fracking well uses averages 2-6 million gallons of water pumped underground.  

According to Wikipedia:

From January 2011 through May 2013, oil & gas fracking rigs in the Eagle Ford Shale region of Texas used approximately 19 billion gallons of water for its 4,300-plus wells. That's was the highest water use of any fracking region in the country.

In 2012 it was estimated that each fracked well in the Barnett Shale of Texas used 2.8 million gallons; in Eagle Ford Shale of Texas, 4.3 million per fracked well; and in Haynesville Shale region of Texas, 5.7 million gallons per fracked well.

A 2013 study published in Environmental Science and Technology looked at past and projected water use for fracking in the Barnett, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville shale plays in Texas, and found that fracking in 2011 was using more than twice as much water in the state as it was three years earlier. In Dimmit County, home to the Eagle Ford shale development in South Texas, fracking accounted for nearly a quarter of overall water consumption in 2011 and is expected to grow to a third in a few years, according to the study.

Using A Magnetic Field to Clean Up Oil Spills in Water - Patent

New Patent Filed - Process for cleaning up oil spills - The present invention relates to a system for controlling oil spills floating on open bodies of water. The process involves dispersing a hydrocarbon base ferrofluid containing an oil soluble water insoluble surfactant and a stable colloid of magnetic solids e.g. magnetite into the oil slick, then using a magnetic field to attract and pick up the oil spill, which is now magnetically responsive.  Patent US 3635819 A

Not sure if this video below showing how a magnetic wand cleans an oil spill has any relation but I find this interesting.

Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline Maps

Dakota Access Pipeline Map

Campus Activism: How to Organize a Student Protest

If you are a student who is passionate about dealing with the issue of fracking and stopping it from happening around the world, organizing a student protest is one of the best ways to get your voice heard and inform others of your plight. If big enough, protests can be influential in decision-making, and at times, protests have stopped policies from going through or decisions from being made. Here’s how to organize a student protest against fracking at your college campus.

Get People Involved

The first thing that you’ll need to do when setting up your student protest is get people involved. Before you move on to the planning and organizing stage, you will need to know that you have enough people involved in the protest to make an impact and make people take notice. There are many ways in which you can get people involved, for example by putting up posters or handing up flyers around your campus, or using social media such as Facebook Events. Using social media is a great way to promote your protest or event if you’re at online student studying from home with Rutgers Online MSW online programs.

Get Support

At college, there is often a range of societies and groups which students can join. These are comprised of sports clubs, hobbies, and often activist groups, too. Perhaps there is an ‘Eco-Friendly’ group or society at your college, in which case they would be the ideal people to ask to support your protest. Even if you’re studying for your M.S.W. online, you will likely still have access to groups and societies on campus. Or, you may want to reach out to an environmental charity to endorse you, perhaps by sharing your event on their social media page or providing sponsorship. Having the right support behind you will boost your chances of making an impact.

Get Permission

Protests are often busy and loud, and with the risks of violence and escalation that often come with even the most peaceful of protests, the last thing that you want is for your protest to be unauthorized and cause chaos. The best way to gain attention isn’t through causing a riot, but by simply demanding that you are heard – something that is best done with peaceful, planned protests backed up with a police presence and proper structure. So, be sure that you have permission from the relevant authorities and have informed local law enforcement agencies of your plans.

Set Guidelines

When organizing a student protest, it’s important to make sure that it has strict guidelines to adhere by, as failing to do so could result in the protest getting out of hand. This could include rules about placards, for example, or making clear that unacceptable behavior will result in a protestor being removed. 

Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion in Texas Caught on Police Dashcam

Huge Gas Line Explosion Caught on Police Dashcam in Texas

The explosion happened about a quarter mile south of County Road W on TH 207 just before 11 p.m. Monday night. The explosion ignited a fire, according to the Spearman, Texas Police Department.
The explosion caused a sonic boom that rattled windows in Spearman. Flames shot about 100 feet into the air. The fire burned for less than two hours after the initial explosion before it was brought under control.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated by DCP Energy, who is the owner and operator of the pipeline. According to Spearman Police Chief Lance Swan, DCP officials said they would wait until all residual gas had burned out of the line before going in to thoroughly investigate the cause.

Tuesday morning, small flames could still be seen burning deep in the hole that was caused by the explosion. Those flames were "pretty well" extinguished by about 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Swan said.

Oil Tankers Derailed Near Chevron Refinery in El Segundo

Very Cool Safety Startups from CES 2017

Nimb - wearables personal safety notification ring startup for emergency notification.

Vaporsens at CES
Vaporsens sensors for tracking chemicals in the air.

 #ConTechTrio LIVE at #CES2017 with Eureka Park - The startups!

What is Causing Earthquakes in Hawthorne Nevada?

Oil & Gas drilling data in this area is pretty hard to come by.  It is hard to understand what is going on in these satellite images and not sure how much oil and gas drilling is going on in the area.  According to this video there is oil and gas drilling is going on in the area. 

 One blogger claims there is a Naval Undersea Warfare Center Aqua Channels to Pacific Ocean Conspiracy Hawthorne, NV.   As you can see in another video that these are military bunkers.