Map of UK Oil. Coal & Gas Drilling

Map of UK Oil. Coal & Gas Drilling
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Oil and gas drilling in the United Kingdom takes place primarily offshore in the North Sea. The North Sea is a large body of water located between the UK, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Within the UK sector of the North Sea, there are several offshore oil and gas fields where drilling activities occur.

The major oil and gas fields in the UK sector of the North Sea include:

Brent Field: Located in the northern North Sea, the Brent Field has historically been one of the largest and most significant oil and gas fields in the UK.

Forties Field: Situated in the central North Sea, the Forties Field is one of the UK's largest oil fields and has been producing since the 1970s.

Magnus Field: Located in the northern North Sea, the Magnus Field is another significant oil field in the UK.

Clair Field: Situated to the west of the Shetland Islands, Clair Field is one of the largest oil fields in the UK.

Britannia Field: Located in the central North Sea, the Britannia Field is a significant natural gas field.

Here are some other suggestions on how you can access such maps:

Government Websites: Visit official government websites, such as the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) or the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in the UK. These organizations often provide maps and data related to oil, coal, and gas drilling activities.

Energy Industry Websites: Check industry websites, particularly those related to the oil, coal, and gas sectors. Companies involved in exploration and production may have maps or information on drilling sites in the UK.

Environmental Organizations: Environmental groups or organizations focused on energy and climate change may have maps or resources related to fossil fuel drilling sites. They often compile data and create visual representations to raise awareness about the impact of these activities.

Research Institutes and Universities: Academic institutions or research organizations that study energy resources and extraction may have maps or reports on UK oil, coal, and gas drilling. Their publications or websites can provide valuable insights and data.

When searching for maps, consider using specific keywords like "UK oil drilling map," "UK coal mines map," or "UK gas extraction map" to refine your results. Additionally, utilizing search engines and online map platforms can help you find visual representations related to drilling activities in the UK.