California's Top Lobbying Oil Companies

chart of oil lobbying money

Here are some of the top lobbying oil companies in California were:

Chevron Corporation: Chevron is one of the largest oil companies globally and has a significant presence in California. It engages in lobbying activities to influence policies related to energy, environmental regulations, and taxation.

ExxonMobil Corporation: ExxonMobil is another major oil company with operations in California. It has been involved in lobbying efforts to shape energy and climate policies at the state and federal levels.

Phillips 66: Phillips 66 is an energy company involved in various aspects of the oil and gas industry. It operates refineries in California and engages in lobbying activities related to energy regulations and transportation issues.

Valero Energy Corporation: Valero is a petroleum refining company with operations in California. It has been active in lobbying for policies that impact the refining and transportation sectors, including regulations on fuels and emissions.

Tesoro Corporation (now known as Marathon Petroleum Corporation): Tesoro, which is now a part of Marathon Petroleum, operated refineries in California and engaged in lobbying activities concerning energy policies, environmental regulations, and transportation issues.

Other companies include:  Western States Petroleum Association - WSPA, BP, Aera Energy, Conoco, Occidental, Shell, Exxon, CIPA, Phillips66, Fueling CA, CIOMA

For the most up-to-date information on California's top lobbying oil companies, I recommend referring to recent reports and sources from reputable news outlets and organizations that track lobbying activities.

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