List Countries & Locations That Have Banned Fracking

banned fracking

Several towns and municipalities around the world have implemented bans or restrictions on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) due to concerns about its environmental and health impacts. Some notable examples include:

United States: In the United States, various cities and towns have banned fracking. For instance, Longmont and Boulder in Colorado, as well as Denton in Texas, have implemented bans on fracking within their city limits. Other places with fracking bans or restrictions include Santa Cruz and Butte County in California.

Canada: In Canada, there have been fracking bans or moratoriums in certain towns and provinces. For example, the province of Quebec implemented a moratorium on fracking in 2011, which was later made permanent. The towns of Metchosin and Highlands in British Columbia have also implemented fracking bans.

France: In 2011, France became the first country to ban fracking. The ban prohibits the exploration and extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons, including shale gas, through fracking techniques.

Bulgaria: In 2012, Bulgaria implemented a ban on fracking following concerns about its potential environmental and health risks. The ban prohibits fracking for natural gas exploration and extraction.

Scotland: In 2017, the Scottish government issued a moratorium on fracking, effectively preventing any fracking activities in Scotland. The moratorium remains in place as of my knowledge cutoff.

Germany: Several regions in Germany, including the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, and Lower Saxony, have imposed restrictions or bans on fracking. These measures aim to protect the environment and water resources.

Ireland: The Republic of Ireland enacted legislation in 2017 that effectively banned fracking. The law prohibits the exploration and extraction of onshore petroleum through fracking techniques.

Victoria, Australia: In 2020, the state of Victoria in Australia implemented a permanent ban on fracking. The ban covers all unconventional gas exploration and extraction methods, including fracking.

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada: In 2013, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador imposed a moratorium on fracking. The moratorium prohibits fracking activities until further scientific research and assessments are conducted.

Other countries: Bans or restrictions on fracking have been implemented in various countries. For instance, France banned fracking in 2011, and Bulgaria followed suit in 2012. The Republic of Ireland enacted legislation in 2017 to ban fracking. Additionally, parts of Germany, the Netherlands, and Scotland have imposed restrictions or moratoriums on fracking.