Chart of Active Oil Rigs vs Oil Production

So with all these drilling rigs shutting down, why isn’t oil production slowing? The short answer is efficiency. (See the longer answer here.) New wells pump more oil faster, so raw rig counts are losing some of their predictive power, at least for now. In fact, despite the tumbling number of active rigs, the U.S. is pumping more oil than any time since 1972.  Link to source.  

Map of Counties Where Oil & Gas Drilling Has Shut Down

The x's on the map are of Counties where drilling is no longer active.  The animation at the link below shows the deployment of drilling rigs since 2011, culminating recently in a sudden collapse. See this interactive map.  

Oil Train Route Map

As domestic oil production has increased rapidly in recent years, more and more of it is being transported by rail. The trains often travel through populated areas, leading to concerns among residents over the hazards they can pose, including spills and fires.
See the NY Times Article.  Also, see our map of oil train accidents