Massive Landslide in Colorado from Fracking?

Why Does The Mainstream Media Continue To Ignore The Fracking Operations That Might Have Caused This Massive 4 Mile Long Landslide in Colorado

Active Oil Wells in LA County

Active Oil Wells In LA County Including New Permits

Alaska Oil Spills Spotted Throught The Ice Using Sonar

The next big oil spill could be out of sight. There is still a lot of ice in the region, and people cannot see through it. North of Alaska, large orange-and-gray zones show oil and gas exploration areas in the Arctic. Bright orange dots are active oil and gas leases; purple dots are wells. Source: National Research Council.

California's Top Lobbying Oil Companies

$56.63M in 5 Years Spent by 
Western States Petroleum Association - WSPA, Chevron, BP, Aera Energy, Conoco Phillips, Occidental, Shell, Exxon, CIPA, Phillips66, Fueling CA, CIOMA, Tesoro, Valero

I Want to Move Map

Montanans, Hawaiians, and Mainers are least likely to say they'd want to leave, with fewer than one-quarter of those residents saying they'd move. Altogether, only 33 percent of all Americans surveyed said they'd leave their current states.  Meanwhile, in nine states, 40 percent or more of the people want to get out, including around half of all Illinoisans, Marylanders, and Connecticuterians.  Read the full article on VOX.