Cancer Clusters Map of California (Articles Published)

Known Cancer Clusters in California (Links to Published Articles)
To find these locations do a search for "Cancer Cluster" 

Peril in the Texas Oil Patch Map

Peril in the Texas oil patch map
Drilling boom, deadly legacy. Despite hundreds of oil field fatalities, federal government does little to monitor or safeguard onshore workers.  Houston Chronicle Article

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigates only a portion of the most serious accidents involving deaths or three or more hospitalizations. This interactive map shows the locations of OSHA investigations in Texas since 2007 involving oil and gas extraction, drilling, well service and oil and gas support industries. The accompanying searchable database allows you to look for information on investigations based on the company’s name, accident type or location.

U.S. Oil & Gas Well Completions Map from IHS

Fascinating Map of 2012 US Well Completions 
Map from IHS showing shale gas and shale oil fields. Download the full map here

Where Has Fracking Been Banned?

Map of Cities, Towns and Counties Where Fracking Has Been Banned

Explosions of Oil & Gas Map

Database Map of Oil & Gas Explosions
(Click on the pins for more detail & link to news story)

Map of Charleston, West Virginia Chemical Spill

Charleston, WestVirginia "Clean Coal" chemical spill is just one of many in the surrounding area contaminating the water.  300,000 Were Without Clean Water For A While 

Map of Oil & Gas Activist Locations Around U.S.

Incredible map showing proposed new oil and gas drilling areas.  There is a local fight in every location.  Search Using Key Word "Proposed" 

7000 Rivers Feeding in the Mississippi River vs Oil & Gas Fracking

7000 Rivers Feeding in the Mississippi River vs Oil & Gas Fracking Up The Water