How to Find Oil & Gas Wells Using Satellite Map Images

Video How to Find Oil & Gas Wells Using Satellite Images

How we use satellite images to locate oil and gas wells near residential areas.  Areas that might be potentially dangerous to residents living in close proximity. 

Map of Waste Water Fracking Ponds

Waste Water Fracking Ponds

How to search for waste water fracking ponds on

Fracking Waster Water Ponds Map

Map of Cell Towers Near Remote Oil & Gas Fields

Today, we opened up a new "beta" map of cell phone towers vs oil & gas fields.  Easily search and find the nearest cell phone tower near oil & gas drilling operations.  As you can on the map above there are thousands of oil & gas rigs that are on the fringe of wireless connectivity or what we call "cell phone dead zones".

Oil & gas companies rely heavily on remote wireless sensors and devices that sit on oil & gas rigs. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile call remote monitoring sensors the IOT (Internet of Things) revolution. Remote monitoring saves oil & gas companies lots of money versus having someone physically drive out to the drilling site.

Click on the cell phone tower pins (black) to locate the contact information of the wireless tower operator.